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Concerning Learning does not advertise. Our practice has grown out of the referrals of the wonderful families and schools with which we work:

"Over the past two years, Staci at Concerning Learning, has consistently found our son and daughter tutors that match their changing needs and personalities. Her initial assessment of each child is detailed and extensive, allowing her and the tutors she allocated to us to create individual learning plans tailored to each child. The tutors we have worked with have been highly organized, fun, engaging and able to pinpoint areas that need work immediately. The feedback is detailed, clear and helpful and arrives after each session. We have seen incredible changes in our children's study habits and academic abilities, and their confidence has grown beyond our expectations. We can't recommend Concerning Learning enough!"


--Ilona F., West Village, mother of 3rd and 5th grader


"When I called Concerning Learning 3 years ago, my son had just gotten 40s and 60s on his 4th grade standardizd test, but in 7th grade he scored in the 90s  and got straight As in school. Our tutor did such an amazing job over the last few years and my son and she really bonded. He was very sad to say goodbye to her.  I would recommend Concerning Learning to anyone."

--Abby N., Park Slope, mother of 7th grader

"Concerning Learning was a blessing to us: in no time my grandson flourished under the guidance of his outstanding tutor.  Through her commitment, intelligence, and her infinite resources, she opened up a whole new reading-and-writing universe to him.  I am thankful Concerning Learning for making me a proud grandmother!"


--Dorotea L., Upper East Side,

grandmother of 2nd grader



"My daughter's confidence has improved greatly since starting to work with our Concerning Learning tutor on a regular basis. She is no longer worried about math tests and homework, and is always looking forward to her weekly session. As a working mom, I find the lesson notes from our tutor delivered via email very beneficial. Thank you Concerning Learning!"


--L. Cohen, Prospect Heights, mother of 5th    grader


"Concerning Learning is the best tutoring service I have come across in my 5 years of hiring tutors! Concerning Learning tutors look at the big picture and try to figure out what is going to make your child a success. They do not just focus on acadmeic skills such as math or writing (which they are excellent at supporting), but they  also help strengthen the organizational and initiative skills that are crucial to success. Best of all, my kids love their tutors!  I use Concerning Learning for 2 of my 3 kids--who have both experienced the average uninspired tutor in the past--and they make it very clear to me that this is the best tutoring they have ever received.  They feel more in control of their academics, and therefore happier. Staci Rosen understands what it takes to be an effective tutor.  She wants nothing less than excellent tutors carrying the Concerning Learning name.  I can’t give them all enough praise!


--Kristin Gregory, Windsor Terrace, mother      of 5th and 7th grader.



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