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We provide a variety of  services to support your child's learning. Whether your children need concentrated support in a single subject area or needs to develop strategies for being a more effective learner, we can get you child on the path towards success.

Academic Tutoring

We offer in-home tutoring services for students of all ages.  Our approach is based on discovering your child's unique learning style and crafting an academic intervention program to meet his or her needs in a fun, multisensory way. We stray away from rote memorization, and instead ensure that our students understand all the underlying concepts behind the work they are doing. We can help your child with all subject areas--including test prep--by strengthening their academic skills:


Reading Comprehension |Reading Fluency |Math Concepts |Writing |
Synthesizing and Summarizing |Higher order thinking

Organization/Study Skills

Oftentimes children have a strong understanding of academic material, but still struggle in school. With Study Strategies, your child will develop skills in:

Highlighting | Note-taking | Homework-Planning | Budgeting Time |

Long-Term Assignment Planning | Preparing for Exams|
Breaking Down Tasks | Organizing materials

Brain Fitness

We are excited to offer Brain Fitness--exercises that target the underlying brain skills that allow individuals to process information quickly and efficiently.  Brain Fitness is for bright students whose achievements are not commensurate with the time or effort they put into assignments. Using cutting edge products and software, we tailor a Brain Fitness program to your child’s unique needs:


Attention | Concentration | Memory | Reasoning & Logic
Information Processing Speed | Visual perception


Greatly effective for: ADHD | Dyslexia | Struggling Students | Gifted

Learning Materials

Coming Soon!

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